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Daily log: August 28, 2019

Alright, it’s 3 AM already so I’ll keep it short.

Worked in a cafe, thanks to “Every productivity thought I’ve ever had” et al:

[...] even if you can work at home, you probably shouldn’t. I personally try leave home as early as possible, go to the university, and return home as late as possible.

It works, and I always knew it worked, but when I moved back to my hometown I pretty much stopped leaving the house. “Why didn’t I think about it before?” is a very important question here, but I don’t know the answer yet.

Started a blog post about application of Kegan to [redacted], life, the universe, and everything, but it’s all in my head and I have to talk it through and then expand it. I would have also said that I should spend a couple of years figuring out if it’s even right, but nowadays I know that anything with “should spend a couple of years” in the middle is wrong. Looks like you, my gentle readers, will have to endure the unrightness I will unleash upon you.

Monadfix is doing well. It dawned on me for the first time today that “hey, actually, thanks to me payments in India will be slightly more reliable” – all my life before that I felt kinda disconnected from projects I was working on.

Sold cryptocurrencies I don’t like. Bye, Ripple and NEO and Zen. Hello, Ethereum and Ethereum and Ethereum. Overall my plan to become a multimillionaire by being more patient than other people isn’t doing so well. It’s probably a metaphor for something. (Not really, it’s quite transparent.)

Wrote an almost exhaustive list of places I’ve been to and have an opinion about. It’s in Russian so it’s not in English. On the other hand, if it was in English it would not be in Russian, so that’s fair I think.

This is all for now. Bye!

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