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Daily log: August 27, 2019

So here hath been dawning
Another blue day:
Think, wilt thou let it
Slip useless away?

Well, maybe I wilt, maybe I wiltn’t, let’s see.

This day has mostly been spent on maintenance, plus [redacted], which coincidentally was the most useful thing I did today.

Ran, despite thinking “ehh I’m too lazy”. Apparently I’m not that bad at creating habits, I just think I am. From now on I shall think I’m excellent at creating habits. Growth mindset!

Well, growth mindset actually probably doesn’t exist, but that’s exactly what I would say if I didn’t believe in growth mindset. [checks email] Oh, I got invited to join the Tautology Club. Nifty.

Did more timers. That’s probably because I’m excellent at creating habits, and not because timers are fun. (It’s because timers are fun.)

Read about royal prerogative in the UK. Monarchy in the UK is said to follow the principle “the monarch is allowed to do anything as long as they will never actually exercise this power”, which is funny and so you might’ve heard it before, but the interesting part – “so what will happen if the unstoppable force does hit an immovable object after all?” – is usually omitted. No wonder, because it turns out to be pretty boring: a) the monarch can’t do that much and b) if they do, a court will say “no”, or the thing will be undone, or somebody will sue the government and win, or nobody will care.


In 1990, when a law liberalising Belgium’s abortion laws was approved by parliament, King Baudouin refused to give his royal assent, only the second time in Belgium’s history the monarch elected to do so. Instead, he requested that the cabinet declare him unable to reign for a day, which it did, thereby assuming the king’s constitutional powers. All members of the government then signed the bill, passing it into law. The government declared that Baudouin was capable of reigning again the next day.

Finished another Peterson’s lecture, will maybe write about it later. They are getting more and more boring, probably because I’ve internalized the interesting parts already.

Made rice. Ate rice. Feels like I’m playing ABACABA, but with food. (The rules are simple: whoever spells out the longest prefix of ABACABA... wins. In my case, I can go for a while with {everything I was eating before} + rice, but eventually I’ll have to find something else to add to the mix.)

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