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Daily log: August 29, 2019

Worked in a coffee shop again. Learned – from a random magazine lying around – that the specialty coffee industry is surprisingly self-aware (or startlingly not?):

Are We in a Bubble?


Meanwhile, there seems to be a “third wave playbook” that has been passed around to any entrepreneur with a few extra hundred grand and a sweet location. Certain places, once the source of unique coffee experiences (Melbourne, London, Dublin, LA, Chicago – just to name a few), are super saturated with coffee companies. Everyone is talking about their coffees’ provenance. Everyone has an $18k espresso machine. Everyone can do latte art. Everyone has a passionate mission, a direct relationship with the grower, and a commitment to deliver the highest quality.


What would a coffee bubble look like? A coffee bubble might mean that consumer prices are impossibly high, and the bubble will burst when consumers wake up and start refusing to pay US$4.50 for their flat whites. [...]

Decided not to work after 8 PM. This won’t last for long but I claim that it will have a (useful) long-term effect anyway. Might expand later.

Shifted towards “I should look closely at what Alexander Granin does and learn things from him”. Some things he thinks/does are [controversial]. I am aware of that and will take the matter with utmost seriousness. (I will probably not.)

Successfully restrained from arguing too much about Peterson. Protip: prefixing anything with “successfully” makes it look more like an achievement!

Speaking of Peterson, a fun question: can I convey whatever Kegan/Chapman/Peterson are talking about without spending so many words and exhausting the reader/viewer’s budget for “incomprehensible ramblings”? Less fun but probably more important question: will that be useful? Good and Real attempts to do exactly that with questions like “Does free will exist?”, but it didn’t really work for me, and more wordy things like the Sequences fared better.

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