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Weird experiences: ??? (the case of Henry Darger)

This post is a collection of quotes from About Henry Darger, a marvellous review of John MacGregor’s Henry Darger...

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Weird experiences: aphasia (a collection of examples)

Aphasia is a wide range of language impediments caused by brain damage – usually a stroke. Those impediments can be very specific – for instance, a person might be able to say “walk” as a noun but not as a verb

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Weird experiences: visual form agnosia (the case of Dee Fletcher)

The patient, Dee Fletcher, loses the ability to visually recognize shapes, objects, or people. She knows there is something on a table, but doesn’t know that it is a pencil or how it is oriented on the table

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The Last Psychiatrist on narcissism

The Last Psychiatrist is one of my favorite blogs, and one of the best places to learn about narcissism

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