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“Something it’s like” to be a chess-playing computer

From the Open Philanthropy 2017 Report on Consciousness and Moral Patienthood:

On this way of talking, phenomenal consciousness is real, and so are phenomenal properties, and there’s “something it’s like” to be me, and probably there’s “something it’s like” to be a chimpanzee, and probably there isn’t “something it’s like” to be a chess-playing computer, and these “phenomenal properties” and this “something it’s like”-ness aren’t what they seem to be when we introspect about them, and they don’t have the properties that many philosophers have assumed they must have, and that is the sense in which these features of consciousness are “illusory.”

I think there definitely is “something it’s like” to be a chess-playing computer, it is just that the computer lacks an awareness of it. It is probably possible for humans to lose this awareness too, given how much fucked-up stuff can apparently happen to our brains.

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